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Custom Battery Pack Design

No one knows your portable or mobile electronic device better than you do. No one knows battery pack design and engineering better than National Power. Together, we can develop the perfect custom battery pack for your unique needs.

We believe that collaboration and communication between your team and ours is the key to creating the best possible battery pack for your device. Every one of our custom battery solutions is based entirely on the electrical, mechanical, and environmental requirements of the customer’s host device. Working from your specifications, we will design a battery pack that operates within the parameters of your device and delivers ideal fit, form, and function.

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Complete Battery Pack Solutions


The custom battery pack design process starts with an in-depth discussion of the requirements and specifications of your device. The most critical factors are the electrical, mechanical, and environmental conditions in which your device will operate; numerous other aspects also play a part in the design process.

National Power will take you through every step of the design process to get the answers we need to create the perfect battery pack for your device. The more information we have to work with, the better. When we know more up front, we can create a better and more effective solution, faster. Time is always of the essence, and if the battery design process keeps you from getting your product to market on time, that’s a failure on our part—and for us, failure is not an option.

To ensure that your custom battery pack does its job correctly, our expert team will ensure that your custom battery pack provides the right amount of power and fits the physical confines of your device. Our electrical engineers will make sure your device’s power needs are met, and our mechanical engineers will develop an assembly that meets your requirements.


We provide battery pack assembly services to turn your finalized designs into product realization. Our manufacturing facility, located in Chicago, Illinois, is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.

Regulatory Considerations

Ensuring regulatory compliance for battery packs can be a troublesome and time-consuming process.  National Power can manage all regulatory requirements for your battery packs, including UL standards, IEC standards, national and international regulations, and more. From design to assembly to regulatory compliance, we offer complete battery pack solutions.

The Portable Power Experts

For over three decades, National Power has devoted our resources to serving the needs of a global OEM market as a leader in battery pack technology. Our experienced and highly skilled team utilizes proven technology and innovative engineering in the design, assembly, and testing of our rechargeable battery packs. We support both low and high volume manufacturing for a diverse customer base that includes some of the world’s most well-known companies. No matter what your device’s power requirements are, we can provide the ideal solution.

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