Dedicated Partners & Suppliers

National Power’s rechargeable battery assemblies provide reliable power for a wide range of products of some of the most notable and recognized companies in the world. One of the keys to our continued success is a commitment to strategic partnerships with our suppliers. We have forged powerful alliances with the industry’s highest-rated battery cell and component manufacturers to ensure high quality products, high production standards, and the best portable power solutions for your handheld or mobile electronic devices.

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Our suppliers and partners include:

  • E-One Moli Energy: E-One Moli Energy’s Canadian facility is a world-class lithium ion battery R&D center. The company has spent decades building their reputation as providers of superior quality products. 
  • EnerSys, Inc.: EnerSys is a global leader in stored energy technology. Their expertise in all chemistries and technologies, along with advanced manufacturing techniques, enables them to provide a broad range of sizes, configurations, and electrical capabilities. 
  • FDK: Founded in 1950, FDK continuously strives to take advantage of unique material technologies developed by their innovation-focused R&D team. The company seeks to bring these technologies together to provide reliable, safe and effective products.
  • LG Chem: LG Chem combines cutting-edge technologies with innovative R&D for one-of-a-kind product development. Their products provide outstanding energy capacity, versatile form factors, and outstanding safety.
  • Panasonic Industrial Company: Panasonic Industrial is synonymous with performance, quality, and reliability. They’ve developed numerous innovations in technology and engineering that enable them to provide world-class solutions.
  • Samsung SDI: A division of the Samsung Group, Samsung SDI specializes in energy solutions for their parent company’s and other manufacturers’ high tech products. By fostering creativity and collaboration, Samsung SDI has developed many technological innovations.

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