Battery Pack Applications

National Power offers custom battery packs and standard battery packs for all industries and applications. From portable medical devices to unmanned vehicles to infrared cameras, we have the experience and the expertise to assemble the perfect portable power solution for any project. We can provide the right chemistry, voltage, and capacity for your unique needs.

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Common applications for our battery packs include, but are not limited to:

Medical: monitors, infusion pumps, ultrasound devices, x-ray systems, lighting, oxygen concentrators, surgical tools, portable and wireless medical devices of all shapes and sizes, and more

Communication: portable and wireless communications devices, mobile radios, fire and safety equipment, satellite systems, headsets, homeland security monitoring, infrared cameras, military communications gear, and more

Seismic: geophysical devices, oceanic monitoring systems, portable and wireless units, and more

Test & Measurement: survey equipment, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, meters, scales, data collection devices, video surveillance systems, and more

Robotics: unmanned vehicles, military and civilian drones, police/fire/rescue robots, automated manufacturing and warehousing equipment, household robotic devices, and more

The Portable Power Experts

Since 1981, National Power has devoted its resources to being a leader in rechargeable battery pack technology and serving the needs of a global OEM market. Our experienced team utilizes proven technology and innovative engineering to design, assemble, and test rechargeable battery packs. We support high and low volume manufacturing for a diverse customer base that includes some of the world’s most recognized companies.

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