Custom NIMH Battery Packs

Custom manufactured NIMH (nickel-metal-hydride) battery packs are rechargeable, durable, and provide higher energy densities than nickel-cadmium and lead-acid chemistries. NIMH battery packs are ideal for portable and stationary applications with Transportation advantages versus Lithium-Ion and simplified pack design.

At National Power, we have over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing custom NIMH battery packs. We have the skills and the expertise to provide a custom NIMH battery pack solution that meets your voltage and capacity requirements and fits your battery assemblies’ specifications.

For more information regarding our custom made NIMH battery pack technologies, get in touch with our sales team or give us a call at 773-685-2662 and we will gladly answer your specific questions. National Power is your trusted manufacturer of premium quality custom NIMH battery packs.

Custom Manufactured NIMH Battery Pack Assembly Advantages

National Power has been providing custom NIMH battery packs for a wide range of industries and applications. For more than 30 years our experienced team utilizes proven technology and innovative engineering to design, assemble, and test rechargeable NIMH battery packs. We support high and low volume custom battery pack design manufacturing for a diverse customer base that includes some of the most recognized companies in the world. Custom manufactured NIMH battery pack advantages include:

  • High energy density
  • Deep cycled capabilities
  • Rapid charges
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Simplified Transportation requirements
  • Functionally operates in a wide temperature range
  • Environmentally friendly

Custom NIMH Battery Pack

To better serve our global customer base, we utilize a proven, systematic approach to overall quality and process control. In January 2000, we became one of America’s first battery assemblers to be certified to the standard of  ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards for medical applications.

In-House Engineering Capabilities

At National Power, we take pride in producing rechargeable energy solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Our world-class in-house engineering capabilities make battery pack assemblies development easy. We will work from your product designs, or help to create updated designs, to deliver a rechargeable NIMH battery pack power solution that is both highly efficient and appropriate for your needs. Every aspect of your custom made NIMH battery pack is based on your specific requirements.

NIMH Battery Packs for Custom OEM Applications

At National Power, we excel at and take pride in creating new custom battery pack designs for custom OEM applications. We will work with your design team to understand the details of what makes your product what it is, what its power requirements are, and what environmental conditions it will be operating. Because no two applications are alike, we take the time to fully understand the requirements of your project and ensure that we provide a custom made NIMH battery pack that will make your product a success. At National Power, we provide the following beneficial qualities:

  • Manufacturing custom battery packs since 1981
  • Focus is on quality and high-performance batteries
  • Lean manufacturing and Kaizen strategies implementations
  • Low and high volume inquires
  • Made in (USA)

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For more information regarding our custom NIMH battery pack assembly options, get in touch with our sales team or request a quote for direct pricing information today. National Power is an industry leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art custom NIMH battery pack assemblies.