Standard SMBus Lithium Ion Battery Models

Sm-Energy® battery packs, National Power’s line of SMBus-compliant Smart Solutions, are field-proven, “ready to go” battery models for a broad range of applications. These rechargeable lithium ion (Li-ion) power solutions are available in numerous configurations, voltages, and capacities to meet your needs.

Sm-Energy®: Reliable Power for All Applications

The same quality and engineering expertise that goes into National Power’s custom battery packs goes into every one of our Sm-Energy® SMBus batteries. They provide dependable power and reliable performance for everything from handheld electronic devices to medical monitoring equipment.

All of our Sm-Energy® products are standard models, making it easy to find the right one for your unique application. Simply find the Sm-Energy® battery that meets your requirements and you’re ready to go!

Because there are no NRE fees or other design charges required, Sm-Energy® solutions present a cost-effective alternative to custom battery packs. Our SMBus batteries meet a wide variety of agency approvals—if you have your own approval requirements, please contact us for help in finding a Sm-Energy® battery pack that meets your specifications.

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Quality Components & Quality Craftsmanship

National Power’s partnerships with many of the industry’s most-trusted suppliers allow us to incorporate the highest quality components into our SMBus battery packs. These top quality components, combined with our design and engineering expertise, add up to portable power solutions that consistently surpass the competition.

To better serve our global customer base, we utilize a proven, systematic approach to overall quality and process control. In January 2000, we became one of America’s first battery assemblers to achieve certification standards to the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards for medical applications.

Best practices are in place at every level of our business, and our in-house testing capabilities help us guarantee the performance of critical functions. At National Power, we take pride in producing rechargeable energy solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations.

The Portable Power Experts

Since 1981, National Power has devoted its resources to being a market leader in rechargeable battery pack technology and serving the needs of a global OEM market. Our experienced team utilizes proven technology and innovative engineering to design, assemble, and test rechargeable battery packs. We support high and low volume manufacturing for a diverse customer base that includes some of the most recognized companies in the world.

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